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The idea for this site started many years ago when a group of friends, as professional investors and experts in precious metals mining, wanted to pool their resources and talent in one place to serve as a resource for others looking for information on precious metals investment.

Our core mission is to help those wanting to protect their wealth while they navigate the volatility and inflation we are currently experiencing.

We have watched this project grow larger than we had ever expected, and to accommodate this growth and the reach of the digital world, we felt this site was the best way to quickly share our reporting and research with our community.

The various authors on our team bring experience and backgrounds in mining and investing, including that of precious metals, commodities, and stocks, as well as experience in wealth advising and management.

Precious metals have price movements that are volatile by nature. The person interested in adding metals such as silver, gold, platinum, and other metals to their portfolio is faced with many different sources of information, and some of these sources can offer confusing and conflicting views.

Duluth Precious Metals’ aim is to give our readers tips and information, in the form of clearly-written articles and reviews written by experienced and expert authors, so you can make your own decision about the way you manage the future of your wealth.